Quora was founded by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It was ostensibly designed as a platform to connect users with questions to authorities with answers.

There are several resources on the web, such as forums. They serve the same basic purpose. However, Quora is intended to act as a one-stop-shop for reliable information.

How does it work? Users pose questions on any topic and members of the community provide answers. The answers that are considered the most helpful, accurate, complete, and so on receive upvotes from users.

Conversely, those that are found to be erroneous or otherwise unsuitable receive downvotes.

Further, users are fed recommendations of topics/questions based on their history. Thus, they can gain further information on topics of personal interest.

What sets Quora apart from other question/answer sites? Quora requires users to enter their real names. They do this in the hope of curbing issues arising from anonymous posting. That includes things such as trolling, spreading misinformation, etc.

People have found ways to post anonymously. However, the site prevents anonymous users from several things.

They include posting direct responses to questions, voting, suggesting edits, and so on. In other words, the site tries to keep users accountable in order to promote reliable content.

As a business owner, you might be interested in using Quora for promotion and marketing purposes. How can you use this platform to your advantage? Here are a few ways in which Quora could boost your brand.


Quora reportedly boasts nearly 200 million monthly users. This may not hold a candle to Facebook’s almost 2 billion. Yet, it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Perhaps, you’re looking for a way to connect to a new audience in meaningful ways. In that case, you can’t overlook the opportunities for exposure offered by Quora.

Let’s say you only reach a fraction of users by providing answers on topics in which you are an expert. Then, based on your professional standing and experience, those are targeted users.

They’re looking for the information you have to offer. You are providing it for free. Therefore, you have the chance to convert them into website visitors, followers, members, and patrons.

In addition, you might reach even more of the Quora community through upvotes. That will expose you to a larger audience.

Like all social platforms, Quora can connect you to relevant users. However, with Quora you can hedge your bets. You’re able to trade on your expertise to increase visibility. Thusly, you’ll reach a larger portion of your target audience.


Users post questions on Quora for a reason. It’s specifically because the community is structured in a unique way. It invites authoritative answers, promotes quality content.

Additionally, it encourages professionals to share their expertise. As an expert yourself, there’s no downside to participating in this exchange of information.

How do I get started with Quora? All you have to do is look for questions related to your products, your industry, or your particular area of expertise.

There’s a good chance Quora users have asked questions for which you can provide answers. Perhaps, even better answers than those that already exist.

As an authority figure on certain topics, the community is more likely to elevate your answers through upvotes.

That is especially true if the content you provide is relevant, engaging, and comprehensive. This can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

First, the more upvotes you get, the more potential exposure you gain. Users seeking answers will find yours and find it helpful. Therefore, you will boost your brand image. You also will see conversions as a result.

In addition, the more you participate, the more you can elevate your own status as an authority. You’ll gain recognition and build rapport with community members in the process.

You might even become part of the Top Writers Program on Quora. It is designed to single out particularly prolific and helpful members.

As a Top Writer, you could be invited to participate in events. Additionally, you have the potential to reach a significant portion of the Quora audience.

Maybe you aren’t quite so involved, however. You can still build your authority by providing relevant and useful answers and promoting your content. Thus, you’ll potentially see gains as a result.

Don’t forget, you can also create topic-specific bios that may influence readers and prove your authority. Let’s say you are a florist that happens to have a degree in botany.

In that case, you could answer questions about flower arrangements as the owner of a flower shop. Additionally, you could answer questions about planting seasons as a graduate from a botany program.

Added Value

In this day and age, content marketing is fairly par for the course. Quora provides an opportunity to ensure that your content reaches interested consumers.

Even better, it gives you a chance to find out what target audiences want to know. That is because it comes straight from the source.

You can track specific topics and see what related questions users are asking. Plus, you can jump into the conversation. Then, you would provide relevant content in your particular areas of expertise.

Providing value for an audience is one of the best ways to build relationships without necessarily pushing a sales agenda. Therefore, community members come to you as consumers of their own free will.

Recycled Content

There are many reasons to participate in the Quora community. The best one is that you don’t necessarily have to extend yourself in order to do so.

You might already have authoritative content. It’s most likely tailor-made for questions posed by users.

Suppose you are a florist. You manage an on-site blog associated with your business website. You’ve probably already written tons of articles about seasonal flower arrangements.

Perhaps they’ve been about how to assemble beautiful wedding bouquets, just for example.

You may be able to find questions related to these topics on Quora. Instead of simply writing a response, you could post the article you’ve already written.

This requires little time and effort on your part. Plus, it could deliver significant response from Quora users that find your content helpful.

You have a lot to gain and very little to lose. Therefore, spend a few minutes. Determine whether or not you already have content suitable to answer questions posed on Quora.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

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