Well, you spent a lot of time and money on a marketing campaign. Then, it unequivocally flopped. Now what? Are you ready to pack your bags and call it a day?

Of course you’re not. As a business owner, you’re probably going to fail as much as you succeed, if not more.

Making yourself a success in the long-term is your ability to learn from your mistakes. You need to integrate newfound knowledge, and improve in the future.

Perhaps a marketing strategy fails. In that case, you need to understand what you did wrong. Therefore, you can avoid future mistakes and engineer successes.

It’s not exactly rocket science. You’ll find that a lot of novices, and even seasoned marketers, make the same mistakes.

You need to figure out which elements led to your ultimate downfall. Thus, you might start with some of the most common causes for internet marketing failure.

Here are a few that may have contributed to issues with your most recent online marketing campaign.

Lack of Consistency

Keeping up with the Joneses is no easy feat. Yet, people still try. We are in a new era of unparalleled opportunities for communication. It exemplifies the latest and greatest trends. They can seem like a prime directive.

Relevance and timeliness are obviously important when it comes to marketing. However, many people jump from one fad to the next. They do it in a bid to take advantage of current trends.

This is not the best way to go about planning successful marketing campaigns. You’ll be better served with an attitude that values quality over quantity.

Patience is a virtue. Therefore, take the time to perform market research, test ads, and hone your strategy ahead of time. It will allow you the best opportunity to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Following trends is hit or miss. Additionally, it’s also exhausting and expensive. Use proper planning and execution.

Then, you can spot and leverage the trends. These are the ones that are most likely to deliver results for your brand.

Inadequate Budget

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”. This is practically the definition of marketing. The good news is that every business can find ways to work on a budget.

However, you have to be realistic about how far your money will go. Make sure to use the budget you have appropriately.


Do not get sucked in by scams. They promise to elevate your brand to incredible heights in no time for little more than a small entry fee. Promises that seem too good to be true often are.

Therefore, learn how to pinpoint scams that will only lead you down the primrose path. Spend your money on reputable, highly recommended services. They provide the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources that promote sustainable growth.

Lack of Training and Knowledge

The internet has provided something of a level playing field for businesses. You don’t necessarily have to have a huge budget in order to optimize and compete.

Take the time and make the effort. In turn, you can learn a lot. You will be able to create affordable and successful marketing strategies.

Of course, there is a steep learning curve. Thus, a lack of training can set you back. How can you compete if you don’t have an MBA or a background in marketing?

There are legitimate tools, resources, and support. These things will help you get the training you need. You can find all three at Wealthy Affiliate.

Mistaking “Measurable” and “Significant”

Tracking and analysis are essential components of any marketing campaign. How can you improve if you don’t know the effects of your marketing efforts? Thusly, you can’t determine the source of failure

The problem is that there are a lot of metrics you could track. Not all of them are going to provide you with significant data. That information can help you to pinpoint why your efforts failed.

You’ll see how you can correct them in the future. For example, it’s not uncommon to rely heavily on traffic numbers. You do so to determine whether your marketing failed or not.

However, you also have to consider the percentage of targeted traffic. You need to think about the conversions you gained from traffic resulting from your campaign.

Additionally, you need to understand the role your landing pages may have played in securing or preventing conversions, and so on. It’s a complex process that requires you to understand which metrics are important.

You must recognize how they contribute to an overall understanding of the quantifiable results of your online marketing efforts.

Living in the Past

You absolutely can, and should, utilize past data when it comes to planning future marketing campaigns. However, you cannot rely solely on this input. You must be cognizant of changing trends and advances in online marketing techniques.

You need to be informed about the power of innovation. All of these things help you connect with consumers in relevant, timely, and meaningful ways. This is done through your marketing efforts.

Here’s a good example. Rivals Coke and Pepsi have, at different times, tapped into the youth culture. This is done to create advertising designed to speak to a new generation of consumers.

Coke’s “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” campaign from 1971 traded on the music of the time. Additionally, it also considered the growing sentiment of peace and unity permeating youth culture. Even today it remains one of the most famous, and successful, ad campaigns of all time.

Flash forward to 2017 and Pepsi’s “Jump In” ad that tried to accomplish the same reverence. They used the co-opting aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, that goes along with a growing sentiment of unrest with the status quo. This is exhibited by the current youth culture.

The spectacular failure of this campaign was due to an assumption that the youth of today is driven by an interest in peaceful protest. The news is they are not. They thought a few faces of color in the background were acceptable as a display of unity and equality.

It did not. Additionally, they believed that viewers are willing to buy into brand benevolence. They tried to play up with the concept that a single product can curb social injustice.

Sorry, that isn’t how it is today. Plus, Kendall Jenner isn’t exactly the face of America’s youth, or the Black Lives Matter movement.

The past informs us today, of course. Thus, incorporating data gleaned from past marketing successes and failures can be useful.

However, don’t forget that there’s a time and place for everything. You need to be aware of the current social temperature. It’s vital to keep up with trends if you want the best chance to succeed.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics, leave them in the comment box down below.

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