You’ve decided to launch your business website and onsite blog. You probably have dozens of great ideas for articles. The type your audience will find useful and engaging. You choose one that will allow you to optimize.

You have expertise in your field. This allows you to offer information and insight. It adds value for existing customers. Additionally, it allows you to entice new visitors to convert.

Over time, however, you may find that your seemingly endless font of ideas eventually dries up. What are your options? You can recycle evergreen content to a degree.

However, you need to push content that is new, relevant, and timely. That is because you want to hold the interest of readers and bring in new visitors.

All you really need is to get a few new ideas percolating and some outside input. It should be a source of inspiration. Thus, there are plenty of avenues to explore.

Perhaps, you’re tapped out on ideas for content for your website or blog. Then, try a few of these resources to kick start a brainwave.


Inspiration can come from all around you. This includes the books and magazines you read, the TV shows you watch, and the music you listen to. If you pay attention, you never know where your next great idea might come from.

That said, ideas for content have to meet certain criteria. They have to provide valuable information to your audience. Yet, they also need to be relevant and timely.

You can, of course, find ways to make old ideas new and relate history to current events. However, offering timely information that is more likely to appeal to a modern audience.

In other words, pay attention to media and particularly to sources for current events. Of course, you want to impart industry news or comment on industry advances and events.

Additionally, you need to find ways to tie seemingly unrelated current events to your industry or your business. Thus, there are always new stories being reported. Plus, you may even find them inspirational.

Competitor Blogs

It is never wise to poach content from other websites. This is especially the case when competitors who are likely following you just as you’re following them. Therefore, you need to keep up with what competitors are doing.

This could help to give you some direction when trying to determine your own content creation strategy. For example, you may see something a competitor has done that you think you can do better. This may be a topic you can take to the next level in order to provide additional value.

You might be inspired to head in a new direction based on something you read. Perhaps you see holes in competitor websites. These folks are missing opportunities to impart valuable information and insight. After all, that is what an audience is looking for.

Keeping tabs on competitors is just good business. Pay attention over time. Thus, you could spot ways to provide something your competitors haven’t, in terms of content. This increases your authority. Also, it impresses both current and prospective customers.

Social Media

It seems like just about anything can spark a response on social media these days. Therefore, you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience and your target demographics. You really want to understand the consumer public at large.

Thus, you need to stay involved in social media. This means paying attention to what’s happening not only on your own social media accounts.

That includes trending topics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and social media platforms. You need ones that are more integral to your operation.

Now you know what people are buzzing about. Therefore, you can join the conversation in a meaningful way by providing content that is relevant. This, in turn, can increase traffic, sharing, and visibility.

Trending Keywords

Anyone with an SEO strategy is aware of the importance of trending keywords. How can they help you to come up with content ideas?

Trending keywords may not seem to correlate directly with your business or your regular blog content. Additionally, you might be able to find ways to use them for inspiration.

You can kill two birds with one stone. Do this by taking advantage of popular keywords to boost your SEO strategy. Additionally, come up with unique topics for your website.

Of course, you need to make sure your keywords remain relevant to the content. You want to avoid raising red flags with search engines. Utilize trending keywords in creative ways can garner attention where competitors may miss opportunities.

Content Idea Generators

Maybe you have a handful of trending keywords you think might be useful and relevant to your audience and your SEO efforts.

Though, you’re not quite sure how to Rumpelstiltskin these virtual pieces of straw into literary gold. A content idea generator could set you on the right track.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to content idea generators. Perhaps the most popular is the tool offered by Hubspot ( There are three fields in which you can type in “nouns” (keywords) to get several ideas for content titles.

For example, after typing in “content”, “creation”, and “ideas”, Hubspot’s idea generator produced the following possible titles:

  • What Will Content be Like in 100 Years?
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Creation
  • 20 Myths about Ideas
  • 5 Tools Everyone in the Content Industry Should be Using
  • 10 Quick Tips about Creation

Obviously, some ideas will be more relevant to your site and your readers than others. Additionally, you may have to tweak some titles or skew ideas toward your audience.

However, this tool for brainstorming will almost certainly deliver at least one idea that you haven’t come up with. You can make it your own when you’re struggling to pull fresh content ideas from thin air.

Your Audience

Many website and blog owners struggle. They need to come up with ideas that will keep their audience coming back for more. One of the best solutions is to go straight to the source. Ask readers to provide topics of interest.

Any questions or comments you receive can give you clues about what readers are interested in. Conversely, you can also post surveys to gather more information.

They provide a virtual suggestion box. Additionally, you could even include a field in your membership signup for new visitors to relate topics they’d like to see covered.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future topics, please leave them in the comment box below.

You can do this!


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