Getting rich quick sounds pretty great, right? Why do you think gambling is so popular? Perhaps you’re not necessarily crazy enough to drop an entire paycheck on a single bet in Vegas. You’ve also probably purchased lottery tickets.

It would be nice to get that winning ticket. You’ll be taken care of financially for the rest of your life. This is simply not realistic. Therefore, when you see online business opportunities that make promises of incredible earnings, you should be wary.

Unfortunately, tons of people seeking legitimate ways to earn money online get roped into these online scams. It’s not always a matter of being savvy or cautious, either. Some of these fraudulent companies are very sophisticated with their offers.

How can you avoid online scams? How will you find legitimate opportunities to improve yourself, start your own business, and earn money online? You need to know how to spot a fake and find the real deal.

How to Spot a Scam

The first thing you need if you’re going to spot a scam is a healthy dose of skepticism. Though, some common sense will do the trick. If someone is virtually offering you free money? It’s probably a scam.

This falls under the rubric of “it’s too good to be true”. If someone promises you a unicorn, you can bet what you’re getting is a horse with a horn glued to its head. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Then why do so many people fall for get-rich-quick internet scams?

There are a couple of reasons. Some people are just too trusting and gullible. This is something that the internet will disabuse pretty quickly. Others are merely hopeful. They want to believe that there is an easy path to wealth.

Mostly, though, scammers find ways to present themselves as legitimate business opportunities. They are the virtual wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some are very sophisticated. You might initially scoff at an offer that promises to pay extremely well for little time and effort on your part. What if it promised software to do the job for you or goods that practically sell themselves?

It’s all too easy to get drawn in by false claims that are made to sound reasonable. The end result, however, will be you getting separated from your money. This is why it’s so important to understand common hallmarks of these scams.

You need to watch out for claims of high earnings in record time, especially specific dollar amounts. However, they also will request for money up front. The concept of spending money to make money isn’t new. Therefore, if someone says you can spend a tiny sum and get exponentially more back, it’s a scam.

Another warning sign is limited-time offers. This is called scarcity tactics. If you see opportunities to earn online that are touted as being exclusive, limited-time offers, do not get reeled in. This tactic is designed to make you feel like you might miss. It also gives you little time to conduct thorough research before you hand over your money.

The best way to avoid scams is to take your time and do your homework. You are probably dealing with a scam if you can’t find legitimate business contact information. This includes an address or phone number, or even an email contact. These people don’t want to be found or contacted.

You should also look for reviews. Every business is going to have some detractors. However, if all you encounter is negative reviews and complaints of a scam, well, you’ve got your answer. A fool and his money are soon parted. Thus, you want to take steps to make sure you’re not that fool.

How Can Scams Affect You?

Falling victim to a scam can be a major blow to your confidence and your faith in humanity. However, it can also have a lasting effect on your finances and your professional aspirations.

Suppose you decided to go into business selling a product that must be purchased up front and then sold. Further, you have to recruit other sellers so that you can take a percentage of their earnings. Plus, a percentage of earnings for whomever they sign up. The promised outcome of this is that you’ll start earning money hand-over-fist in no time at all.

Unfortunately, you’re lacking any support structure to help you figure out how to make sales, entice others to join, or help them to make sales. In other words, you end up losing thousands of dollars. You’ll gain a garage full of products you’ll never sell. Even worse, what if you do sell some products and they don’t perform as promised?

You could end up wasting time and money. This will ruin your reputation in the process. This is difficult and expensive to rectify. You may end up having to hire an expert in reputation management to repair the damage.

How to Make Money Online the Right Way

The good news is that not every offer of online earnings is a scam, and you can find legitimate ways to earn money online. You just have to find a company that provides opportunities to improve yourself and advance in the online arena.

One example of this is Wealthy Affiliate. Their service aims to help entrepreneurs set up online businesses. They teach them the ins and outs of marketing. What sets this apart for any other online offer and lets you know it’s not a scam?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to users who test out their program. Additionally, they provide a lot of value for paid members. This includes free websites and blog setup, training via videos, tutorials, live video classes.

They also offer interactive sessions, Q&A, 1-on-1 coaching, and tools for website security. They present keyword research and feedback. They provide access to a community support network of other members.

In other words, you get a lot for your money. It’s still up to you to determine what you do with it. It’s not a way to get rich quick. You need to put in the time and effort to improve and advance with the resources offered. You can learn how to earn money online without risking your reputation in the process.

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