One need only visit the website for 5K Formula to become suspicious of this supposed money-making opportunity. Maybe their bold claims (literally in bold, red font) of making $5,000 right now don’t cause immediate disbelief.

Well, you need to watch the video of dude-bro and founder Matthew Neer. In it, he’s driving hot cars and flashing wads of cash.

Additionally, he’s clinking bottles of Corona with hot babes in swimming pools. He is racking up daily sales figures numbering in the thousands of dollars.

Except for that last bit, it sounds like any ’80s glam-rock video. All Neer needs is Tawny Kitaen rolling around on the hood of a Jag. Then, he’d have a promo for the rock star lifestyle.

You’re probably uncertain that he’s on the up and up. Thus, he emphasizes that you’re going to get SERIOUS RESULTS! (in caps, with an exclamation point).

Okay, okay, I’m poking fun. However, inquiring minds want to know. Is there any merit to the 5K Formula, or is it all hype?

Today, you’re getting the anatomy of a website. This includes a breakdown of the program and why you should probably head for the hills.

What is the 5K Formula?

Apparently, the 5K Formula is a commission system based on Matthew Neer’s unique marketing funnel. It’s designed to run 100% on autopilot, for free.

Plus, it will only cost you $19.95 (as opposed to the crossed-out price of $99.95) if you ACT NOW. You can probably sense my sarcasm, even though the text is tonally neutral.

The first problem is that the 5K Formula website bears all the hallmarks of a scam. What is 5K Formula? It’s hard to tell from the website.

That’s thanks to distractions like bold, red font and phrases screaming at you in all caps. There are videos showing Matthew Neer getting cash from the bank (to prove that he’s not playing with Monopoly money).

Of course, there are the promises of earnings beyond your wildest dreams. That’s with no up-front cost and little to no effort on your part.

Still, it’s only $19.95, right? What have you got to lose?

Well, let’s start by finding out exactly what 5K Formula is offering for your money, aside from pipe dreams of dates with Vegas showgirls and tickets to NFL games.

In essence, 5K Formula is your basic affiliate marketing enterprise. When you sign up, you supposedly gain access to potential products you can sell.

Additionally, you’ll get a pre-made sales funnel designed to push interested parties toward a sale while weeding out undesirables.

In addition, you’ll receive some basic training in how to make it all work. This could be useful if you’re a complete novice.

There is plenty that the website and videos won’t tell you. For example, you’ll be prompted to purchase myriad upsells along the way to increase your odds of earning.

Additionally, you’ll have to spend out-of-pocket for integrated tools and services. These can include autoresponders, traffic sources, and more.

Your up-front payment of $19.95 will get you in the door. However, you won’t get much more.

You may not even be able to access some of the member content unless you pay for additional services.

How Does It Work?

According to Neer, you can earn money while you sleep. He claims it’s to the tune of hundreds of dollars a day.

His sales funnel and pre-made marketing materials are now in hand. Thus, all you have to do is push targeted traffic to the funnel. Viola, that means instant earnings. Neer is touting a completely automated system.

Sorry, but that’s not quite how it works. Didn’t your mother tell you that you won’t get something for nothing in this world?

Yes, you’ll get the templates you need to get started. You’ll also gain access to resources intended to help you make sales.

Some are legit information. Conversely, others turn out to be ads for paid services to drive traffic, just for example.

What’s next? Now you get to bombard your contact list with cookie-cutter, done-for-you (DFY) marketing materials. By the way, you’re not getting them for free.

Yet, there’s another strike against 5K Formula. The materials are not personalized. Plus, they won’t appeal to your contacts or probably anyone else.

You really want to sell a product to people you know, or the consumer public in general. Therefore, you need a hook that’s going to engage them.

This usually means you need to create it yourself in order to personalize the experience. If you’re doing this on your own anyway, why do you need 5K Formula?

Can You Make Money?

Now we get down to the real question. Yes, 5K Formula is garishly hype-filled. Yes, it misrepresents the costs of actually utilizing the program.

Yes, you have to do a lot more work than the program promises. Fully automated? Come on, that just isn’t possible.

Chances are you had an inkling of this going in. Can you make money with 5K Formula?

The answer is yes, possibly. Like any affiliate marketing program, there is some small amount of potential here.

You’re definitely going to spend more than advertised if you want necessary bells and whistles. It will also cost you to access all content.

The claim of full automation is laughable. You’re going to have to work for it. However, you could see some conversions and even money as a result of your expense and effort.

Will you earn hundreds of dollars a day, as Matthew Neer supposedly does? This is extremely unlikely. You’re earning a commission on sales, with some of the funnel returning to Neer.

However, even if you were bringing in hundreds a day, you’d have to balance it against spending. This, in turn, could skyrocket.

That is especially the case if you’re using advertising and other means of getting new customers into your sales funnel in the first place.

What’s the Verdict?

Let’s just call a spade a spade. This “service” is hype, pure and simple. At best, Neer wants to profit from your labor. At worse, it’s a total scam.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, there are far better programs on the market. Wealthy Affiliate is a good example. They provide valuable resources at a reasonable price.

5K Formula may seem like a cheap way to make money fast. However, hidden costs and misleading information won’t get you to that pot of gold. 5K Formula is one money-making system that is probably best avoided.

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