Google Plus is a social networking portal. It may not have exactly caught on with individual users to similar levels as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Yet, it’s becoming an essential component for small business owners. They are eager to maximize their presence on Google search pages.

There are many benefits of joining Google Plus. One is having the strength of the largest and most powerful search engine behind you.

It is beneficial to have a Google Plus profile. You are increasing the possibility of getting a higher ranking in the search results of consumers.

That’s through automatic integration with Google for Business services. Thus, your company’s pertinent information is displayed prominently on relevant search pages.

That includes your company’s address and phone number. It provides directions to your place of business. Additionally, it incorporates photos, reviews, and any other key data you wish for customers to see.

Also, you can promote a whole array of exclusive content that is posted to your profile. Thusly, it can be seen by everyone located in your “Circle”. Plus, potential customers searching for your type of business will find you.

Google has streamlined and updated their Google Plus network. Now, there’s an eye toward attracting more small business owners.

At one time, it didn’t grab a foothold with the public. However, it is quickly becoming the ideal method for advertising and marketing your business online.

Naturally, you want wider visibility with potential customers and loyal clientele alike. Therefore, signing up for a Google Plus profile is one of the most effective ways to go about doing it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much stronger through Google Plus than other social media sites. That’s because Google search results target those businesses with profiles.

In turn, they are often the first to be seen by customers. Those search results are also tailored to your business through the information on your profile.

Easy to Locate

You’re running a small business. Therefore, you want to do everything possible to make sure customers know who you are and what you offer. Additionally, they need to be able to find you.

Google Plus business profiles are displayed as part of Google’s My Business platform. That puts the map and search functions to work as part of Google Plus.

Your company’s location information is visible. People can easily and quickly identify you in local search results.

Let’s say you own a record store in Los Angeles. I’m a customer looking for record stores in the city. Therefore, I type in “record stores in Los Angeles”.

Google Plus listings are situated at the top of the result pages. They include address, phone number, and various other information right there.

If your record store has a Google Plus profile, your business will be among the first ones I see. That’s important. This is due to a recent study.

It indicates listings found on the first page of a Google search receive nearly 55 percent of clicks from customers. That puts your business in a priority position over the competition.

SEO value lasts much longer through Google Plus as well. The portal remains an integral component to search rankings and brand recognition through search results.

Therefore, the My Business platform continues to have the most substantial impact on organic search rankings. Google is making it even easier to lead people to your business. Google Plus is the answer.

Easier Interaction with Customers

Now, your customers can leave reviews and other thoughts on your business. They don’t need to have their own Google Plus account.

In other words, anyone can interact with your business profile. Plus, they can provide their thoughts and opinions.

Online reviews have become important influences. They sway a potential customer’s decision whether or not to patronize a business.

That’s why it’s important to have as many business reviews as possible. Thus, they can reassure other clientele about your business.

They’ll show you’re a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy company. That, in turn, will only improve your organic search rankings.

You want more positive feedback you earn from your customers. Also, it could be advantageous for your search results and your business.

Using Google Plus for your Business

Now, you know the basics of Google Plus. You understand how it can benefit the visibility and reach of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use it to maximize those benefits.

Identify Your Consumer

Social media has grown to be a vital part of success for every small business. It’s important to capitalize on that potential.

Thus, you need to ensure you’re posting the right content for the audience you’re trying to reach. Do a little research into finding out the demographics for your consumer.

Who is buying your product or service? Gender, income level, and location are all important.

What else are they buying, following, and talking about? Knowing the answers to the questions can go a long way. It’ll help tailor your profile’s content to your customers.

Now, you’re posting the right content. Consequently, it connects with your clientele and spurs them to action.

They will want to interact with your business. That leads to greater visibility by other potential customers.

If your consumers like your content, they will share it. Plus, they’ll send it to a wider audience. That could equal new customers and higher earnings for your company.

When you set up your profile, be sure the name of your business is front and center. In doing so, your content is shared with outlying groups and communities. It’s seen by them.

They can immediately associate it with your company name. That will make your business easier to find.

Attractive Posts

There’s nothing wrong with using attention-grabbing postings. Often, they get more people to check out your content.

That means relying on formatting. It includes font and spacing in your post to make users give your content a closer look.

Bold, italicize, and even underline your text. It may be all you need to attract more eyes to postings on your profile.

Don’t hesitate to put images in your posts. Also, employ hashtags to get the conversation going about your content across the entire platform.

Stay Focused on SEO

We’ve been stressing SEO and the role it plays in giving your business better visibility through Google Plus. Accordingly, don’t forget to take advantage of that process. In doing so, you’ll utilize it for maximum effect.

That can be accomplished easily. Simply, add your Google Plus local and business pages together. Make it something other businesses either neglect to do or aren’t aware they should do.

The benefit comes when a customer does a search based on location. Now, your two local and business pages are linked up.

Plus, your business has a better opportunity to move to the top of the page when the results of that search are returned.

Sharing Content to Expand Your Audience

Let’s say you’ve been able to identify what type of content is appropriate for your consumers. Now, you need to share it in a way that appeals to your base. Plus, it pulls in other potential customers. How you do that is up to you.

It starts with posting it onto your Google Plus business profile page. Then, share it with other profiles you may have on Google or other social networks.

The goal is engagement, as always. You want the communities and groups of which you are a member to interact with your content. Hopefully they will interact. Then, share it with their own communities and groups and so on.

This will also be critical to gaining more followers to your business profile. Therefore, add users to your Google Plus circles. They may just add you to theirs in return.

The number of your followers can have a big impact on the visibility of your business in Google organic search results. Now, Google sees that you have a substantial number of followers on your business profile.

This confirms the validity of your profile. Thus, your business will likely result in higher placement in search results and rankings.

Feel free to follow other businesses and companies to grow your circle’s reach. Target those in your similar field or industry.

This has a dual purpose. It’ stays up to date on news that pertains to your type of business. Plus, it might even present potential business opportunities and partnerships in the future.

Using Your +1 Button

The goal of utilizing Google Plus is to get your website a higher profile in search results. In order to do that, you can take further steps. This is done through the website directly. Simply, add a +1 button to your website.

When people visit, they can click the button. Additionally, they’ll potentially share your website.

This is what you want them to do. That’s because it’ll have positive results on the placement of your business in search results.

The key is engagement with your audience and potential future clientele. Consequently, you want to be sure that you are getting the best reactions.

They can boost your standings in Google searches. Google Plus shares and +1’s are most effective at achieving that goal. It’s better than getting likes and shares on other social media networks. These include Facebook and Twitter.

You want every share on Google Plus and every +1 your website receives is positive. This, in turn, gives you direct engagement on Google’s social network. That’s because it translates to greater validity in the search engine’s point of view.

This will help your business to get in front of more customers. Additionally, it’ll provide assurances from fellow consumers that people should do business with you.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

You can do this!


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