Anyone who’s been paying attention to developments in online marketing and SEO over the last few years will recognize the phrase “content is king”.  Google launched their Panda algorithm in 2011, followed by Penguin in 2012. Web sites and blogs have had to up the game where their content is concerned in order to get top rankings.

Long gone are the days when shady tactics like keyword stuffing and linking schemes determined which sites showed up first for Google searches. This is in the best interest of search users.

It’s also good for sites that are actually producing the content users are looking for. Of course, it means businesses that want to compete have to work extra hard. They need to produce new and high-quality content on a regular basis.

This can be a real burden on the average business owner. It is difficult to come up with relevant, timely, and engaging topics regularly. Additionally, time spent crafting and optimizing online content is time away from other pressing business concerns.

What are you to do? Perhaps you’ve heard about spinning software. It takes an article and jumbles the words. Spinning software produces unique content that virtually says the same thing. It passes plagiarism checkers. You’re considering giving it a try. After all, it could save you a lot of time, right?

Unfortunately, you could do a lot more harm than good when you place your trust in article spinning software.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Article Spinning Software?

If you start looking for article spinning software, you’re going to find a huge number of programs to choose from. They all offer virtually the same thing. They input an already-written article. The program produces one that says the same thing but in different words.

You might be thinking, “Hey, that sounds pretty great!”, when it’s not. Let’s say you only use such software to rework your own content. Then, you’re producing ideas that your readers have already encountered, and on your website or blog, no less. This is not a good way to add value.

Even worse, you might eventually resort to branching out. Maybe you’re “borrowing” content from other sites and using the spinning software to make it your own. Not only is this unethical, but again, the content isn’t really fresh.

The other problem is the word salad most spinners actually produce. If you post it as is, savvy readers will spot spun content. Even novices will know something is wrong. Spinners often substitute words that have slightly different meaning. It’s as though they’re picking at random from a thesaurus. The sentence structure can get pretty wonky. lol

At best, it might look like a foreigner with poor language skills wrote your article. More likely than not, anyone familiar with articles spinning will know exactly what it is. Most of the time, what you end up with is practically unreadable.

This does not lend to your credibility or your reputation. In other words, you’ll have to spend time fixing whatever semblance of content your spinner spits out. If you’re going to spend this time anyway, you might as well just write your own unique content from the get-go.

What Search Engines Want

Do you really think Google and other search engines aren’t aware of the practice of spinning articles? If you want to gain recognition and ranking from search engines, you can’t afford to be naive. Their complex and sophisticated algorithms are designed to find fresh, unique content.

If you use a spinner and post the word jumble that results, rather than taking the time to correct it, search engines are going to catch on pretty quick. Thus, your rankings will take a dive as a result.

Let’s say you have taken the time to tinker with your spun content in order to make it grammatically and semantically correct. Search engine software is designed to find unique content. Therefore, it’s a good bet that replacing words with synonyms is not going to fool it.

Google has made it extremely clear that websites and blogs produce the best content, most relevant, topical, timely, and useful content for users. Those that do are going to nab top spots for search queries. You can help to clinch high rankings with appropriate keywords and other forms of optimization. Yet, unless you provide value through high-quality, original content, you can’t hope to compete for top rankings.

What Visitors Want

Generating traffic is a good goal. Impressing search engines in order to get good rankings is a solid strategy for increasing targeted traffic to your site. However, the ultimate goal is to impress site visitors. You can encourage other conversions, such as lead generation, sales, reviews, sharing, repeat visits, and ongoing patronage.

In order to do this, you have to give consumers what they want. Content marketing has become big business over the last couple of years. This long-term strategy virtually involves providing a lot of free value through high-quality content.

This builds rapport and a relationship with consumers long before you start hitting them with a sales pitch. The idea is that you’ll endear consumers to your brand in the beginning. They will feel compelled to support you with purchases down the road.

This entire strategy hinges on providing the content prospective customers want. The bar is set pretty high these days. Your competitors are almost certainly trying to do the same thing. Some of them may have more resources at their disposal.

You may not have the budget to hire professional writers. Creating your own, unique content regularly can be difficult. However, you need to pay attention to trends. You can even ask readers to suggest topics of interest to them. Your expertise and passion should help to get you through.

When you use spinning software, you’re wasting your time and that of the reader. You’re providing content that has little value. This simply isn’t the way to move your business forward. It will likely result in consequences, such as delisting from search engines and loss of customers and reputation that could have been easily avoided.

By the way, taking my own advice, if you have topics that you would like me to write about please leave them in the comment section down below.

You can do this!



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