Welcome back to our blog series, A Start To Finish How To Guide For Creating & Selling Digital Products. This is Part 2: Creating A Digital Product That Will Actually Sell.

In the previous post, we discussed:

By now, you should have a clear idea of who your audience will be and what type of product you want to create. Now we’re going to talk about creating a digital product that will actually sell. By the end of this post, you will be able to:

  • Get even more specific on your niche, with our Niche Rich Worksheet
  • Ensure that you can solve your customer’s problem
  • Build an exceptional outline for your content
  • Create beautiful graphics and infographics 
  • Capture your audience through your high quality content

Niche Down

If you haven’t done it already, the first step in creating a digital product is determining your specific Niche. To do this, you need two things:

  1. A problem that your customer is facing, that you can resolve
  2. The type of content your customer will be most likely to engage with. (video tutorial, ebook, template)

To help you with this process, I have created a free Niche Discovery worksheet that will help you get laser-focused on your niche and maximize your product sales. 

Click here to Narrow Down Your Niche

Ask Your Audience

Next, you need to make sure that your digital product idea is something that your audience wants and will find value in. As great of an idea as you might have, if your audience is not going to purchase your item, then you have spent hours of your time creating a digital product that will not turn over a profit for you. The best way to avoid this issue, is simply to ask your audience.

By now, you probably already have a steady stream of followers that pay attention to you. Before creating your product, send out a brief description of your digital product idea on your most successful social platforms. Some examples are: 

  • Make a Social Media Post asking for a reply in the comments (you can even play it easy with an emoji response)
  • Create an Instagram Story Post with a poll question about your product
  • Create a blog post about the overall idea and ask them to sign up for your email list if they are interested
  • Make a video asking what your followers want to see/learn, let them leave their responses in your comments. 
  • etc.

Now that you know what problem you want to solve for your customer and how, it’s time to start planning your content.

Choose Your Creation Platform

There are several great platforms for creating a digital product, and it all depends on the kind of product you would like to create.

You’ll need to know what type of processing software is best for the type of format you will be using. For example, if you are creating an ebook, you’ll want to use something like google docs or Microsoft word. Make sure that you save your document as a PDF file for your customers to download easily. 

If you’re planning on creating a digital product like graphics, calendars or templates, you may consider design platforms like PhotoShop, Canva or DesignBold. If you’re creating spreadsheets, you may be able to simply use Google sheets or Microsoft Excel.  

Furthermore, if you’re planning on creating a digital product like a video or music content, you’ll need to ensure that you are using a platform that can easily save your content and deliver your content universally. YouTube is popular because you can create your video/music file and upload it directly to the site for your followers to start enjoying immediately. You can also save and share your YouTube creation onto other Social Media sites and your website. 

No matter what platform you use to create your file, the most important thing is that your customer can download the product simply. After all, digital products are supposed to be easy to use for both you and your customer. If the download process is too complicated, they will be quick to leave. 

Later in the series, I will cover some great tools to use that will help you sell your product on autopilot. There are several systems out there that will do most of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Time To Create!

It’s time to get down to the juicy part of creating a digital product! You’ll start by crafting your outline, table of contents or rough draft. No matter what type of product you plan on creating, you will have to put some planning into it. 

Begin planning your content in a strategic, step by step way for the customer to understand. Every type of content will be different of course. For example, if you are creating a template of some sort, you won’t necessarily need to write out a table of contents, but maybe drawing out a rough draft first to ensure that the flow is easy to understand. If you are creating an e-course, be sure to lay out your modules in a strategic manner that best makes sense to your customer. 

Once you have completed your outline, table of contents or rough draft graphic, it’s time to start filling in your content. And, since you are the expert, I’ll leave the juicy stuff for you! 

It’s important to note, that creating a digital product does not have to take weeks or months. In fact, most of them mentioned in Post 1 of the series, can be created in just a few short hours. Remember that you’re the expert in this, so you shouldn’t have too much additional research to do. My first ebook took me about a week to finish. And that’s with working full time on my regular work. 

Edits & Additions

Finally, it’s time to edit your creation and add any supporting materials that you may need. This is that part where you can add graphics, infographics, citations, content creation tools, links, etc. 

Some of my favorite tools for creating a digital product are:

That’s a Wrap

This should give you an excellent reference for ensuring your customers will actually buy this product, narrowing down your niche and creating a digital product that your customers will love. Spend the next week or so tweaking your outline and filling it up with delicious content. 

In the next series post, we will learn what to do with your new digital product once it has been created. We will discuss how to prepare for your sale, product platforms and how to create a member’s only area on your website. 

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Happy Creating!

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