As the online arena and ecommerce have evolved, so, too, have marketing trends. Which efforts can you expect to provide the most bang for your buck in 2019?

Here are a few of the trends you should be on board with online marketing this year.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

If you feel like you can’t escape mobile, you’re right. It’s gaining importance by the second. That’s especially true since Google announced plans to enhance the importance of mobile indexing, as opposed to web indexing.

You should, therefore, consider how you can better optimize all of your online efforts toward catering to a mobile audience. That includes marketing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) have already been expanded to Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). This means faster load times. Both mobile optimization and page load time play a role in rankings. Thus, adding mobile upgrades to your to-do list should definitely be in the cards for 2017.

Google is also expanding their Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing to encompass the move toward “mobile first”. Therefore, getting in on the trend early could pay off in a big way. However, don’t let your desktop efforts fall by the wayside.

Mobile browsing and sales are on the rise. People are switching seamlessly between devices. Thus, you need to remain relevant on all fronts. A split strategy, multi-platform approach will help to keep you on top.

Content Marketing

The focus on content marketing has carried over into 2019. That is because more online operations realize the long-term return on investment associated with building relationships. These provide consumers with valuable (i.e. relevant, timely, informative) content. Don’t expect this trend to diminish any time soon, either.

Here’s why. According to CNN, millennials have outstripped baby boomers to become the largest generation. That means they are also the biggest target market. However, they are a far more diverse group.

Only 56% of millennials are Caucasian. Conversely, 72% of baby boomers fall into this category. This necessitates a whole different marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a key component. Millennials are very different from their predecessors in terms of racial makeup. Thus, many of them want the same things. That includes a meaningful experience when it comes to being courted by businesses.

Baby boomers may have been content to listen to a pitch and then take it or leave it. In contrast, millennials want to hold your hand, gaze into your eyes, and whisper sweet nothings. They want the girlfriend experience.

Content marketing allows you to give them something for nothing. They can make a connection and build rapport. Then, they talk about your future together, complete with brand loyalty.


There are so many marketing channels to pursue in the online arena. Thus, it can be difficult to maintain a marketing schedule. You need to consider advertising, email marketing (and remarketing), social media marketing, SEO, and more. It’s a wonder that businesses have any time left for the actual work of running a business.

Automation is the answer. You’ve probably already automated some processes. In that case, chances are good you’re woefully unaware of the many advances in automation. They could be saving you time when it comes to your marketing efforts.

If you want to go a step further, this could also be the year you start implementing predictive analytics. With the right software, you can begin mining big data, or large data sets. This is in order to analyze trends and patterns that help you to plan your marketing efforts.

It can be especially useful when used in tandem with automation. For example, you could gather big data on customers. This could help you understand how and why they respond to email marketing efforts. In turn, you can set up a series of automations to produce the best possible results for the majority of the time.


As with big data and predictive analytics, this is an aspect of modern marketing that could easily tie in with automation. When you track customer behavior, you can personalize the experience and provide target marketing.

Perhaps a customer visits your site and signs up for membership. You should send an automated welcome email. Additionally, it’s important to follow up with ads for product pages they viewed. Also, with updates on items they put in a cart but didn’t purchase.

These types of personalization keep customers engaged with your brand. Automate the process. In turn, your marketing efforts will remain in motion with fewer demands on your time.


Utilizing social influencers for marketing purposes took on a life of its own in 2016. Getting the “big gets” in 2019 is becoming more competitive. Some influencers are willing to make a buck off their social media standing.

They do so by promoting your brand or products for pay. However, others are more discerning. Frankly, you want to go after the latter.

Find the right social influencers for your brand or a particular marketing campaign. You want one that is relevant to your brand. It also should have the volume and demographic of followers you’re interested in.

You need to get to the level of engagement with followers you’re seeking. Therefore, you have to figure out how to make the love connection, so to speak.

There is a process of building relationships with the right social influencers. Convincing them that promoting your brand will be mutually beneficial could take a while.

Thus, you need to have a solid strategy for building rapport before pitching. The end result could be reaching a large audience that you might not otherwise have access to. That is in addition to a referral from a trusted source.

Video Ads

I know what you’re thinking that this is nothing new. You are correct. Yet, video ads are going to become more important as Google expands the way they populate SERPs.

Yes, Facebook and YouTube led the way with video advertising an eon ago in internet time. Though, Google getting in on the action is relatively new. There is a high demand for in-SERP videos.

Therefore, you could really get ahead of the curve on this advertising trend. Knowledge of graphs, answer boxes, and other ways get authoritative content in front of searchers by earning top results. Jumping on the video bandwagon could gain you recognition in the rankings.

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