web-trafficWhat is the goal of any website? It’s meant to act as your business interface in the online world, standing in for real-world storefronts, employees, and shelves full of products. It’s also the hub of your online operations, the center of your social media and marketing efforts.

The goal, however, is to reach customers and make sales, at the most basic level. A business that has no customers is not likely to survive long. In order to reach these goals, you must first figure out how to get traffic for your website.

When you’re able to drive targeted traffic to your site, you have the opportunity to interact with prospective customers. You can convince them to sign up for membership, make purchases, become loyal patrons, and promote your brand through referrals and reviews. In other words, you can engineer a wide variety of conversions. However, first, you have to get people in the door, so to speak.

How can you accomplish this? There is no single, smoking-gun strategy. You’ll have to use several techniques as part of an overall strategy. To some degree, you will see what works best for you.

However, you’re not reinventing the wheel. Many businesses have done this before. There are experts galore to help you out. Here are just a few important factors to help you drive the right kind of traffic to your website.

Good Content Isn’t Enough

Website content is important because it delivers pertinent information to visitors. This allows you to connect with prospective customers and convince them that you have the products or services they’re seeking. Additionally, that you are superior to competitors, and offer added value. Therefore, they should make purchases and support your brand.

Unfortunately, good content isn’t enough to bring targeted traffic to your website. If you want to determine how to get traffic for your website, you need good content. Specifically, content that is designed to help you reach particular goals.

In this case, your content should be optimized, shareable, and varied. This is in order to give you the greatest options and attract the most visitors. Your content has to be designed for SEO purposes. First of all, this means it has to contain titles and meta-data. Also, trending keywords that are most likely to match up to related search queries, while still being relevant to your content.

This is important because you have to strike a fine balance between choosing trending keywords and keeping usage appropriate. That is done as not to raise the ire of Google and other search engines. This is because, naturally, they want to provide the most relevant and useful listings for search users.

Content must also be shareable. This requires two main things. First, you have to include highly visible social media buttons. Also, embed backlinks so that it’s easy to share content and you get the most benefit from this sharing. Content has to infer social currency.

Visitors need incentives to share. When content is funny, shocking, touching, educational, or otherwise valuable and appealing in some way, people want to be the first to share to earn social status. In other words, they want to look good. This bears consideration when it comes to creating content intended to drive traffic.

Finally, you must present a variety of content, such as short and long-form, infographics, videos, and so on. This gives you the greatest opportunities for optimization and appealing to visitors, as well as social influencers.

Understand Social Influencers

Social influencers are people or organizations that have a lot of followers and influence in the online arena. They might be celebrities, journalists, bloggers, industry notables, or even regular people who have simply built up a following online.

These people can drive traffic through likes, mentions, sharing, and so on. If you’re lucky, you’ll gain the attention of social influencers organically, but you shouldn’t count on luck.

A better bet is to research influencers. You should find those that align with your interests and sensibilities and figure out how to produce content they’re likely to share. From there you must attempt to build relationships. This is because you can convince these influencers to promote your website and your content. Alternately, you may be able to pay for the service.

Build Links Organically

Link building can help to drive traffic in two ways. Suppose you guest post on industry blogs, providing content in exchange for backlinks. Readers interested in your content might click these links to find out more.

What is more useful, however, is the fact that search engine bots use backlinks to index your site and assign page rank. While link-building schemes are a major no-no these days, you still need links pointing back to your site.

Organic link building can occur in two ways. You can do your part by cultivating relationships with high-quality websites and blogs and encouraging them to post links. However, you can also create shareable content. You can’t make other people share your content and spread links for you. Yet, the right content will do the work for you, so to speak.

How to Get Traffic for Your Website with Online Advertising

In addition to SEO and other efforts, advertising is a common way to bring in traffic, both in the real world and the virtual one. A strong marketing strategy will include a variety of tactics working in tandem, including advertising.

A good way to get started is with avenues like Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. The reason to use these resources is because they provide access to hundreds of millions of people. They also offer options for customization that allow you to target very specific groups.

In addition, they allow you to save some dough and still see results by helping you to find alternative keywords for ads. Even if you can’t afford to bid for the “best” keywords, you can still find popular and relevant options.

Get On Board with Metrics

Follow-up is an essential part of creating an effective formula for how to get traffic for your website. You absolutely must track the results of your efforts. Doing that allows you to tweak and tailor your online strategy for optimal outcome.

You can do this!


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