If you own a website, you can make money from Google Adsense. It’s a smart and easy method for earning revenue. It’s done by posting carefully targeted advertising alongside your online content.

The service allows website owners to post ads for their visitors. Plus, it gives them full control of how the ads look and where they are positioned on the site.

The ads posted to your website are chosen based on the content of your page. Also, they’re constituted of the visitors who arrive at the site.

Advertisers create and pay for the ads. They come with different prices. Additionally, they affect how much you can earn at any given time.

Which ads you receive is determined by an auction. The highest bidder is placed on your website. All you need to do is paste ad code onto your site.

This, in turn, makes space available for advertising. Plus, you choose where the advertising appears on the page.

Google takes care of the financial aspect. They invoice the advertiser and collect the earnings. Then, they pass them on directly to you.

That may sound pretty straightforward. Yet, there are ways to maximize your earnings. You only need to implement a few simple steps for increasing your revenue.

This isn’t a situation where you just slap some code on your site. Then, watch the ads pop up while sitting back and doing nothing. This is not what you should do if you want to make real money through Adsense.

There are savvy website owners. They know how to optimize their content and re-position the location of the advertising.

They can even adjust the size of the advertisements. In doing so, they create the most dollar value through Adsense.

I’m going to teach you how to be successful at making the proper modifications. Thus, you’ll get top dollar on your website.

There’s something important to keep in mind. It’s that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting your earnings with Google Adsense.

Every blogger and every website is different. Therefore, what may be successful for one may not necessarily be the right answer for another.

Therefore, consider these tips with an eye toward increasing your Adsense earnings. However, don’t expect them to work overnight.

Finding the solution may take some trial and error. Thus, you must work at it. Track your progress.

This, in turn, will determine the best combination of adjustments. Then, you will succeed at bringing in the most revenue possible from your site.

You’re ready to make money. Well, I’m ready to help you do it. Here are five of the most effective ways to increase your earnings through Google Adsense.

1. Understand How Ad Size Works

Go ahead. Visit any website. In doing so, you’re likely to see a variety of ads that come in different shapes in sizes.

Some might be tall and narrow. Conversely, others are wide and rectangular. The placement and size of these ads shouldn’t be taken for granted.

That’s because Google has given website users some recommendations. They regard the sizing that works best.

Take these recommendations to heart. Then, you may just be able to see more money from these ads.

Ads that have a wider shape are easier to read. Thereby, they lead to a higher rate of clicks from visitors.

What about those narrow ads you see every so often? They tend to be a little tougher to read. Therefore, they receive clicks at a lower rate.

Based on Google’s analytics, there are four suggested sizes. They’re among the most effective in receiving the most clicks. These are:

  • 160×600 – the wide skyscraper size
  • 336×280 – large rectangle size
  • 300×250 – medium rectangle size
  • 728×90 – the leaderboard size

How you employ these sizes is up to you. Plus, it may take some time before you figure out which are most effective with your readers.

Google claims that wider advertising works best. Therefore, start from there and then experiment with other sizes and methods of placement.

Though, it’s important to note that these aren’t the ONLY sizes available. They’re merely the most commonly successful so far. You may find other sizes that work best for your site.

Visit some of your favorite websites that contain advertising. Then, see what catches your eye the quickest.

Which ads are you more likely to click? Again, there is no right or wrong answer. You may need to try out a few combinations before hitting upon the best one.

You may also find that what worked at one time does not work as well later on. Accordingly, you’ll need to readjust again.

Working with Adsense requires routine monitoring. This ensures maximum optimization of your advertising space.

2. Placement is Important

The size of the ad plays a large role in getting clicks. Additionally, so does the placement of that ad. You have a variety of options from which to choose.

Each one has some form of impact. It helps determine whether the visitor clicks the advertisement in that specific location.

For instance, let’s say an advertisement is closer to something that a visitor is going to click already. Will that increase the likelihood they click on the ad? Does it decrease it?

The areas where users click already are strong locations for placing advertising. That’s because the visitor is already looking at that area of the page.

If they can see the ad, that improves the chances of them clicking on it. Therefore, consider the most active locales on your site.

Think about the locations of buttons or navigation. Then, decide whether or not an advertisement (and the proper size of such) can have the most impact in those areas.

Also, think about scrolling when you choose your placement. Advertisements located at the top of the page and above the fold are more visible.

If they’re located lower down on the page or below the fold, they are not. This is because there’s no guarantee that visitors scroll to the bottom when they arrive at the site.

Those positioned at the top are seen by the most eyeballs. Even casual visitors to your site could potentially catch a glimpse of your advertisements. Also, they must be the right size.

The content location is also a valuable marker for potential ad placement opportunities. This third component gives your visitors even more chances to click on the advertisement.

That’s because it’s placed near or next to the very thing they’ve come to your site to view. They will read the content of your site.

Also, they’ll see advertising directly beside your text. This keeps their eyes in the general location of the ads you want them to click.

Much like with the size of your advertisements, experimenting with the location is a critical aspect. That’s because it can boost your earning potential with Adsense.

3. Quality of Content

You’ve learned something by now. It’s that content can increase the placement of your website in Google search results.

You want the most valuable, relevant, and current content. That’s because you’ll have higher visibility when users search for sites like yours.

The same holds true for attracting advertisers. Think about it.

Perhaps, you get a high volume of visitors to your site on a daily basis. That, in turn, will make your website or blog more of a commodity to an advertiser.

It means there are more eyeballs viewing your content. Also, those same eyeballs are viewing your ads.

Maybe, your content brings in a large audience on a consistent basis. Consequently, your advertising will also reap those benefits.

Therefore, put an emphasis on creating unique, high-quality content. Use a specific theme that remains the same.

Adsense is always monitoring your content. This provides you with advertisements relevant to your website’s content.

Keep the theme of your content consistent. Thereby, Adsense will provide you with the most thematically relevant ads.

Plus, they’ll have the highest probability of receiving clicks from your audience. Maybe, your content runs the gamut of topics without a clear-cut central theme.

In that case, your advertising content becomes wider ranging and less focused. That can reduce potential clicks.

4. The Right Aesthetic

You want people to see your ads when they visit the site. Yet, even the visual appearance of that advertising can have an effect on their performance.

Let’s say an advertisement doesn’t aesthetically match the overall appearance of the website. Thus, users may gloss over it.

Conversely, an ad blending in too well may be missed entirely. It’s about finding the sweet spot.

This is where borders, colors, and visual flair come into play. It’s best your ads fit into your website’s overall design dynamic.

However, this can prove challenging. You don’t want to lose the ad in your website.

5. Adsense-Friendly Themes

Finally, this last step is important to consider. That’s because it may be one of the easiest ways to maximize your earnings with Adsense.

There are a variety of themes available in WordPress. They’ve been built solely for Adsense optimization.

These are templates. They were developed to be easier for beginners. They ensure their websites are already optimized for Adsense settings and filters.

Are you unsure about which theme to choose for your website? Start with one of the many Adsense-friendly themes in WordPress.

In doing so, you’ll be fully prepared. You’ll have maximum optimization on your Adsense earnings from the start.

Use themes to your advantage. This is as important as placement, size, and above all, content. They can increase the value of your Adsense experience.

Plus, they’ll bring in higher earnings than ever before. However, you have to work at it and keep doing so. Thus, you’ll maintain top earnings on a routine basis.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

You can do this!


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