It’s a question you hear a lot from growing entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. That is because they are eager to take full advantage of all that online sales have to offer.

However, there is a problem. Lots of people know how to make purchases through online merchants. Yet, they don’t always understand how to sell their products online.

I’m going to walk you through all of the ways you can get started. You’ll learn how to turn your business into an online juggernaut. This is done by building relationships and creating smart strategies for social media platforms.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to be engaged with the tastemakers and influencers. They have the power to put your product in front of the buyers you want most.

Without further ado, here are just some of the most effective ways to sell your own products online.

Harness the Power of Social Media

There are hundreds of millions of users each day. They are the kind of wide-reaching audience any business owner would dream of having.

Accordingly, why not rely on the popular platforms where those people are already congregating daily? After all, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even LinkedIn are powerful allies for selling anything online.

You can find your target audience on any and all of these social media platforms. Then, you need to start here. Create and post content that will help you find buyers with the most effectiveness.

Understanding Twitter

There’s a great thing about interacting with your chosen audience on Twitter. It’s that you can search them out and engage directly with them.

They don’t necessarily need to find you first. Therefore, you can reach out to users who are already talking about products you offer. This is the case even it’s not your actual product.

Yet, how do you go about doing it? The answer is that it should always feel organic. Also, never incorporate a hard sell on your part.

Perhaps, you happen to be selling homemade baby clothes. In that event, you can search to find conversations that discuss baby clothing.

It’s important to participate in those conversations. That’s because it can attract other participants to search out your company. They do so by following your Twitter profile or checking out links to a website.

However, they’ll only partake if those users feel that you’re an expert on the topic. They want you to have something to offer besides a product for purchase.

There is a trick. It is to interact neutrally. Then, bring them to you for the pitch. This can be done when they research your business.

Facebook Friends

Making friends on Facebook is relatively easy when it’s your personal account. Managing your success on a professional account takes a lot more work.

In fact, there are a billion users worldwide. They present a significant number of potential buyers.

The goal with Facebook is to create a network of friends who are talking about your product and your company. How you go about making that happen?

It can be done any number of ways. You can start by asking something of everyone on the friend’s list of your personal profile. Request that they “like” and “share” your company’s profile page.

In doing so, your page starts getting some attention. Therefore, you’ll need to give people a reason to continue liking and sharing your page.

This is done through the content you offer up. Consider your status updates and interaction with other pages and Facebook groups. These can be beneficial in getting the word out about your product.

Therefore, be creative about your content. Share relevant news stories online. Choose articles that support your brand and type of product you offer.

Also, select the industry in which you are a part. Keep your content relevant. This, in turn, will attract more fans and likes. Plus, they will want to get the word out about whom you are and what you sell.

Facebook also offers a powerful ad campaign service. It allows you to promote your content through advertisements.

Thus, you’ll carefully target audiences that can increase your likes. Additionally, they’ll get you more friends. Plus, they will elevate your brand on an international stage.

Take a look at the business pages of some of your favorite brands of various sizes. You’ll see how they attract more users.

You’ll find something interesting. Even the smallest businesses have entire communities numbering in the hundreds of thousands following them.

Instagram Interactions

This platform is starting to become more popular than even Facebook. It’s definitely more so than Twitter.

What makes this social media option so ideal for selling your products online? It’s that you can post more visual content.

In other words, you can show off your products in their full glory. Plus you’ll be able to give your users unique content they may not get anywhere else.

Instagram revolves around posting photos and video. It’s even more so than Facebook or Twitter. Thus, you can give your followers a sneak peek at any number of things.

Thereby, you can effectively advertise your business. Perhaps, you can show your followers how your product is made.  Maybe, talk about what makes your product different from others on the market.

You can be as creative and clever as you wish. Accordingly, you can do it all with visual methods. In so doing, you’ll get an audience’s attention faster than the written word might.

Winning Friends and Influencing People

Dale Carnegie wrote all about this in 1936. His advice is just as true now decades later. Perhaps, it’s even more so with the rise of so-called “online influencers”.

These individuals can turn a product or a brand into an overnight sensation. They have their pulse on what’s hot in just about every industry. They know whether they’re an Internet presence with a massively popular website.

Also, they recognize if there are millions of followers on YouTube and Twitter. Maybe, it’s a celebrity such as Kendall Jenner. Getting your product into the right hands can be a huge boost.

Yet, how do you go about making this happen? In some cases, it’s easy. You can stick a few samples in the mail and send them to the person you wish to reach. For bigger celebrity names, you may need to contact their representatives.

Perhaps, you can try to grease a few palms for some inside information on the best address to send your samples. Thus, they will get where you want them to go. Even a mere mention that you sent them something is important.

That’s because it represents a substantial spike in interest and popularity across all your social media profiles. If they actually talk about the product itself and how much they enjoyed it, you could strike gold.

Engage with the Right Influencers

Every industry has certain people within it who have made a name for themselves. Aligning your brand with them in any possible way can improve your visibility in the industry. Also, it will enhance your target audience.

There is an appeal for someone to talk to you in an interview setting. It’s that you offer them more exposure while you are gaining the same from them.

There is something to keep in mind. It’s that you need to have a pretty well-established following of your brand. That is critical, if you’re going to attract meaningful influencers to associate themselves with you.

Consequently, this may be a next level thing for you to consider. You should do it once the groundwork has already been laid for your social media platforms.

Building Your Website

Of course, you plan to sell online. Therefore, you can’t really do it without having a great website for your customers to visit. Unfortunately, this is where small business owners have a problem.

That is due to the fact that they’re working on a tight budget. As a result, they tend to cut corners. Plus, they can be stingy with their funds.

Naturally, you hope to be a successful online merchant. Thus, you need to have an outstanding website. It needs to look professional and aesthetically well-designed.

Additionally, it needs to work properly. Nothing says amateur hour quicker than a website that is buggy or hard to navigate. That is especially the case if it looks like it was built in a high school computer lab.

Put real time and money into your website. That’s because it is your main presence online. Accordingly, you may have all of the social media success in the world. Still, you won’t manage to hide the fact your business website is lousy.

Online Marketing

Finally, let’s talk a little bit about the many different ways of advertising online. Google’s AdWords network is a highly popular marketing tool.

It lets you post advertisements on everything online. This could be Google’s own search results pages. It can also be via YouTube videos and more.

Perhaps, someone searches for your type of product in Google. In that case, you can be among the first two or three listings.

They will show up at the top of the page with the link to your website right there, ready to click. It’s fast and convenient. Plus, it’s a wide-ranging way to get the word out about your brand and product.

AdWords even lets you target your advertising to reach only the audiences you wish. It’s done through specific triggers and keywords. They are entered into a browser search or contained within the body of websites.

Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, you need a little help from your friends. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in. The idea is simple. You have other individuals market your products on their websites or social media platforms.

This is done for the purpose of driving more traffic to your website. Then, pay a percentage back to those individuals on every sale made as a result of that additional traffic.

Have an affiliate helping you get the word out about your product or brand. This exponentially expands your reach online. Further, the people helping you out can earn money from every sale.

Blogging as Marketing

Now, your website is up and running. Consequently, you may want to start writing a blog kept on the site for visitors to read when they visit.

It’s a good way to engage with your customers. Plus, it gets you into a one-on-one relationship with everyone who reads your content.

This blog will also improve your ranking in search results. After all, ranks are partially scored by the amount of unique and original content. It’s best to continuously blog new and exciting material.

Moreover, you’ll rise up to the top of the search pages. Also, you can share your content on your Facebook page. Additionally, you should do it on other social media platforms.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

You can do this!


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