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Welcome to Don’s Marketing Place! I’m excited that you found this site! By reading the get started page it’s safe to assume you are looking for ways to make money on the internet. You’re tired of the scams! And know this, there are plenty of scams online. I’ve been introduced to a few myself. What scammers fail to understand is that they will succeed for a while, but then buyers take note of who they are and quit buying from them. Then their business fails. I read such a case on an online newspaper article. He had a successful online business, quit his job, and spent his time traveling the world. But then his business went under, he was broke and no means of support because he had quit his job. He was a scammer. His reputation ruined.

Before I continue I want to introduce myself by saying that if you haven’t read my About Me page please do so. It will tell you a little about myself.

If you’re interested in making money online honestly, then welcome! Because that is the only way you will be successful for the long term. Honestly!! Not only that, but you will feel good about yourself in the process – that you are actually helping others. Is this something that interests you? If so? Then I want to help you in your journey with this thought.

If you built a house, would you build it on sand? If you built a house, would you eliminate the foundation? No you wouldn’t in either case! The same goes with building an “online money presence” (online business). You start with a solid foundation. And your foundation begins here.

When it comes to making money online there is no such thing as a one click, get rich quick, do nothing program. Those are scams! And Wealthy Affiliate will not do that. With Wealthy Affiliate you can make a lot of money online the honest way. You don’t need to scam people in order to do this. But you do need the right resources. The willingness to learn and develop a long-term online business.

Here’s what makes Wealthy Affiliate different from anything you’ve tried. With all the programs that are on the internet they teach you only one aspect of marketing. For example you’ll find (buy) a course on how to build a website. Then you buy a course on driving traffic to your site. You buy courses on video marketing, courses on social media, and the list goes on and on. A fortune for the sellers, but a lot of out-a-pocket money for the buyers who are trying to build an online money presence.

But with Wealthy Affiliate what you have is an all in one package. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you every aspect of making money online (honestly) at a very affordable price. In fact signing up will not cost you anything! Absolutely nothing and no credit card is needed. You will receive two free websites. Training that utilizes videos, classrooms, courses and tutorials. You will receive support from Kyle, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, members of Wealthy Affiliate and myself. Here’s a complete guide of what you receive at Wealthy Affiliate.


Again I want to thank you for checking out my site. I do wish you the best in your journey toward making money online the honest way. Keep checking back I will continue adding to this site. If there is anything I can help you with please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. In the mean time check out Wealthy Affiliate now.

Blessings on your future success!


Jaaxy Keyword

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