If you’re looking for information on internet marketing, it isn’t hard to find. Do a search query for “internet marketing information” on Google. You’ll get over 35 million results in under a second.

Of course, you want the best information. You’re looking for the tips, tricks, and tried-and-true strategies. These are the ones that are going to help you succeed in your chosen field.

You don’t need hyperbole. You need the nuts and bolts and the practical applications that are easy to follow. You want the ones that will deliver the best results. In short, you need a reputable, vetted resource.

Among the most recognizable names you’ll find is Warrior Forum. It’s a website that, according to the Wayback Machine, has been around since 2001.

That’s a pretty impressive run. However, longevity and familiarity don’t necessarily denote value.

Is Warrior Forum still relevant? What do they have to offer? Can you trust the information, advice, and opportunities promoted on the site?

Should you pony up the dough for premium content and special offers? Here’s a look at Warrior Forum, WSOs, and whether or not the site is trustworthy.

What is Warrior Forum?

Warrior Forum’s website proclaims that it is “the world’s largest internet marketing community and marketplace”. What do the community and the marketplace offer?

The community features Warrior Learn. It’s a blog where visitors can read about topics related to internet marketing and opportunities to advertise with Warrior Forum.

You’ll have a chance to become an affiliate. Plus, you will have the ability to submit news that other users might find interesting, among other things. Users can also post questions to the feed. In turn, they’ll get information and advice from the community.

As for the marketplace, it consists of classified ads. Additionally, you’ll get The War Room. That is a paid service that includes access to exclusive expert talks, digital courses, and tools.

Plus, you’ll get the option to upgrade to premium account features. You will also get the Warrior Special Offers, or WSOs. They are described as “deals available exclusively through Warrior Forum that no one else can beat”.

Warrior Forum is essentially a site for internet marketers, by internet marketers. In essence, it is geared toward helping those new to the internet marketing game. It offers information and advice. It’s largely provided by members who are experts in the field.

Benefits of Using Warrior Forum

Before I even start, I would like to introduce a caveat to the benefits section of this review. Both noobs and mentor-types can benefit from participating in Warrior Forum.

Thus, the format is inherently a bit exploitative. We’ll get into detail about that in a bit. For now, here are some things users could gain from joining.

First and foremost, Warrior Forum offers a lot of content for free. Signing up for a free membership gives you access to the forum and the blog (or at least several categories of topics). Additionally, you’ll receive weekly updates.

The only problem is that there’s a lot of information from a lot of sources. Thus, it’s not always easy to tell what’s relevant or useful, especially if you’re a novice. A lot of it is fluff, regurgitated information, and sales pitches.

You can gain access to The War Room paid subscription for $97. That’s not a huge amount. You’ll gain access to a lot of additional content. Whether or not it’s any better than the free content is dubious.

For the experts participating in Warrior Forum, the benefits could be a lot greater. That’s because the site has basically become a giant platform. It pitches products, solutions and making money.

There’s an interesting and laughable side note. Users now have to pay extra to add an image to their signature box for posts. This, if nothing else, proves that Warrior Forum is all about the “Dollar Dollar Bill, Y’all”.

There are some nuggets of gold mixed in, however. You can’t have that many expert members sharing without adding some value.

To glean value from Warrior Forum these days, though, you can’t be an absolute newbie. You need to have at least some experience under your belt. That is how you’ll be able to determine what’s useful and what’s a waste of time (and money).


Let’s move along to the most egregious section of this site. It’s the Warrior Special Offers. The rest of the site is relatively benign, a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. However, WSOs are something else.

This is a section where members can offer up special deals exclusively to other members. Ostensibly, it’s to help them along on their internet marketing journey. Most of them purport to offer secrets to success and/or how-tos for making fast cash.

My eyes just involuntarily rolled toward the heavens. Professional that I am, though, I decided to give WSOs a fair shake. I actually shelled out a Jackson to get a peek at one of these amazing offers.

It turned out pretty much as I expected. No, actually, it was worse. With a site that attracts an international audience, ESL errors are expected.

What I received for my money, however, was not the product of a language barrier. Instead, it was just badly written.

Not to be unnecessarily harsh, but the average fifth grader could have done a better job. In other words, I was not impressed. It was a scam. I suspect the vast majority of offers through the WSO section are.

This is nothing more than a platform for members to proclaim their expertise. They push useless products, on unsuspecting newbies, who are seeking legitimate help. They should be ashamed.

Final Thoughts

There may have been a time when Warrior Forum was a legitimately useful resource for information in the internet marketing arena. They certainly built a long-standing reputation within the community. Sadly, that point is long past.

Warrior Forum seems to have parlayed their early success into a money-making machine. It allows internet marketing experts to exploit the naiveté of new members.

Is there some value to be found from free content for those with the wherewithal to dig it up? The short answer is: Maybe.

You’re seeking direct, concise, legitimate information about internet marketing. There are far better resources to be found from targeted searches. Warrior Forum’s current M.O. is basically taking candy from babies.

If you have a comment about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

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