There’s no denying the appeal of “get rich quick” schemes. They’re the ones that promise incredible earnings with very little investment of time or money. Most people have the common sense to weed out the offers that are too good to be true. Though, these days it can be difficult to tell the bad from the good.

In some cases, these “make money online”, or MMO product offers, can be extremely convincing. They even seem legitimate at first glance. Further, you might read dozens of product reviews from seemingly satisfied customers. They report having made tons of money in record time by utilizing MMO products.

Can you trust these reviews? The ones promoted by the MMO website are somewhat suspect in and of themselves. However, what about review sites that require certain conditions be met to prevent fraudulent reviews?

As you can see, the issue is a bit more complex than simply taking these offers and even their reviews at face value. The question, then, is what can you do to figure out which MMO products are on the up and up? How can you determine whether or not reviews are trustworthy and products are worth purchasing?

Here are a few rules to stick with to protect yourself from scams and find legitimate offers.


Real people aren’t often extremely zealous in their reviews. That’s the case even if they are very pleased with a product and how it performs. Suppose you are asked to write a review for a service provider like a doctor or dentist that you love. They’re someone you’ve been seeing for years.

You want to write a glowing review that is full of praise. You would like to convince others to visit and support your service provider. Are you going to yell (i.e. use a lot of capital letters) and emphasize your points with tons of exclamation points? Probably not. Would you say things like, “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!” It’s pretty unlikely.

The average person writing a rave review is a lot more likely to give a detailed explanation of why a product or service is valuable. They convey why they like it, and how it could help others. They do that instead of offering up a bunch of unsubstantiated hype.

Biased Reviews

It’s important to understand that even “real” reviews from people who have actually purchased MMO products could be biased. For example, some MMO products are pyramid schemes. That means the best way to make money is not by selling products to consumers. Instead, it’s by enlisting new sellers in order to gain percentages of their sales.

In this case, it’s in the best interest of the reviewer to exaggerate benefits of the program or product to entice others to sign up. Sometimes the reviews themselves are actually generated by people responsible for selling the product.

In both cases, the reviews are biased and ultimately, fraudulent. How can you determine whether seemingly legitimate reviews fall into this category?

If possible, check the reviewer’s profile. See if there are no other reviews to their name. Determine if every review they post is a glowing analysis of a company that otherwise has a lot of negative reviews. It’s possible the review is fake.

You might be able to find out if multiple reviews originated from the same IP address, even though they have different names. You can also conduct a reverse image search on Google.

In doing so, you may be able to locate the original photo used for a reviewer’s avatar, on sites where reviewers have photos. It’s important to note that many use stock images.

Vague Commentary

It’s often easy to spot fake reviews by their content or lack thereof. People may really be impressed with an MMO product. Perhaps they are impressed enough to bother writing a review. Thus, they’re probably going to discuss their personal experience as a means of recommendation. They do this to help others better understand what they’re getting.

Fake reviewers have not used the products themselves. Therefore, they are often conspicuously vague when it comes to details about the product and how it works. Does a review cite specifics about how the product works and the results it delivers? Conversely, does it just say things like “it was so easy” or “I made a ton of money”?

These statements are not quantifiable. Plus, they tell you nothing about the product that couldn’t be found on the seller’s website, for example. Look for reviews that feature specific details that provide further insight into how a product works and what results you can expect. These reviews are more likely to be legitimate.

Fishy Feeling

In some cases, even reviews that seem to be legitimate could feel a little fishy. Suppose that a reviewer states a specific amount of earnings that seems too good to be true. For example, “I earned $5,000 the first month”.

Even though a specific number is offered, the nice, round, number makes it suspicious right off the bat. The size of earnings here is also skeptical. If everyone could make this kind of money, don’t you think there’d be a lot more rave reviews and even media coverage? Pay attention to your gut. If something seems fishy, chances are it is.

How to Conduct Research

If you’ve read a few MMO product reviews touting the product, you want to be sure. Therefore, it’s time to dive in and do some research. Start by reading as much as you can about the product itself. That includes how it works, what you’re expected to do, and what kind of earnings are typical. Also, check disclaimers provided by the seller.

From there, seek outside sources of review, rather than the glowing reviews provided on the seller’s website, for example. Pay particular attention to situations where there are only 1-star and 5-star reviews, with no middle ground.

That could be a signal of false reviewers trying to reverse a lot of legitimate, negative reviews. Check the posting dates to see if a lot of positive reviews were posted all at once.

Use both proper research and common sense. Thus, you should be able to determine whether an MMO product seems sketchy or legit based on user reviews.

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