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Hi – my name is Don. I want to welcome you to Don’s Marketing Place. This site is dedicated to help you develop an online presence that will earn you an income honestly. But first I want to introduce myself.20150730_093152

I have the same challenges in life as you. I lost two brothers due to tragic deaths, have experienced many other challenges in life that include financial challenges. But not now. I say this only to open myself up – to disclose myself to you that you may know I’m a real, live, person just like you.

My hobbies, what I do when I am not working, are: fishing, camping and hiking – just about all things outdoor. I also enjoy the performing arts – especially attending symphonies (season ticket holder).

My journey to online marketing began with my first job as a teenager. I worked as a salesman and loved it. I had a great boss, who taught – mentored me. It didn’t pay much, but I loved the experience. I loved connecting with people and I loved the teaching aspect, even as a teen. Over the course of time I worked in sales for a company with a chain of stores. A store was failing and one of the vice-presidents asked me if I would like to take on the challenge of manager. We discussed salary and benefits and came to a mutual agreement. The first year our sales tripled – needless to say the company was very pleased.

Over the last six years I have been involved with online marketing. The income has been nice to offset the affects of a poor economy. If this is where you find yourself in today’s economic market (a poor economy), then I want to help you meet your financial goals. This can be achieved! Whether you need money to offset retirement shortcomings, money for college or paying off those college loans or extra income to payoff the credit cards and those monthly bills, there is help! In fact when you think about it everyone could use more money in their pockets and know this, it is achievable! In fact you can start NOW!

For those of you who clicked on the NOW button know this, Wealthy Affiliate has become my favorite place to hang. Wealthy Affiliate has a plethora of information (training) about marketing, web development and hosting, along with the friendliest people on the internet you will find. They are always ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have and of course I’m available too. I will get into more about Wealthy Affiliate later.

If you are truly interested in working at home, making money online, the honest way, then I highly recommend visiting Wealthy Affiliate today.

It has been great connecting with you. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. Just leave your messages below. Again thanks for coming by and viewing my site! Hope to hear from you soon.

Blessing’s on your future success!


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