Welcome back to our blog series, A Start To Finish How To Guide For Creating & Selling Digital Products. This is Part 3: A Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Your Digital Product Online

In the previous post, we discussed:

By now, you should have your completed digital product. You should have added any infographics, photos, videos, tutorials, etc. Your product should be edited by you or a peer and reviewed by someone you trust. In this lesson, we are going to be discussing:

  • How to set up your digital product online once it’s complete
  • Using SendOwl to store and sell digital products
  • Creating a back office/members only area
  • Installing the best WordPress plugins to improve traffic and increase sales

Setting Up Your Digital Product

Once your product is complete, it’s time to get it ready to make you money. The goal here is to make the process easy for you and your buyer. The more complicated the purchasing process is, the fewer sales you will inevitably make.

There is no need for fancy WooCommerce installation or having a full eCommerce shop. You simply need your blog/website, a payment provider and a digital product download tool.

Some of the best digital selling solution tools include:

SendOwl Perks

Easy Digital Downloads and SendOwl are my top two favorite selling tools, however for this post, I’m going to focus on SendOwl as it’s one of the easiest platforms to use for newbies.

SendOwl is one of my favorite digital selling tools and the platform I am going to focus on for this particular blog. The reason being, is that SendOwl is a one stop shop for all of your selling needs and streamlines the purchasing process for both you and your buyer, ultimately leading to more sales.

SendOwl allows you to:

  • upload and sell multiple digital products easily
  • It connects you with a payment provider so that you get paid automatically once the purchase has been completed.
  • It’s secure, fast and efficient, providing a better user experience for your buyers
  • It connects with your mailing list so that buyers can be automatically added to your email list, ultimately increasing your sales and buyer relationships
  • It connects to PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT, BitPay and Shopify so that you don’t have to pay any additional third party fees, meaning you get to keep more of your money (up to 95% more in fact)

Setting Up SendOwl

You can try SendOwl free for 30 days, which I recommend to get the most bang for your buck. After the 30 day free trial, there are packages that you can get for as cheap as $9 USD monthly up to $39 USD monthly for business packages.

Once you have signed up for SendOwl and have your account activated, it’s time to upload your product and get to making money online. Follow these steps to get your product up and rolling:

  1. Log In to your account
  2. Go to the products page
  3. Click “add product”
  4. under “product type,” select “digital file” and upload your file
  5. To sell your product, you’ll need the product name, price and the file itself
  6. Once you have those three things, click the “create product” link
  7. Once here, you will be redirected to your sales page where you can begin selling your product.

You can go back in and make edits to your digital product pricing, name, etc from the “edit product” link and even create a sales page under the “sales details page”. Here you can upload a photo and a description of the product. You want to make sure you are accurately presenting your digital product, but in a simple, easy to process way. Use those keywords!

Once your product is uploaded and you have saved your product file, it’s time to start selling!

When you set up your SendOwl account, you would have been directed to link a payment processing platform to your account. If you have not done so already, go into the “payment details” link and link the payment links you would like to use. Popular links include PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay, but there are several more that you can use to link your product to for quick and easy payments.

members only 3d silver badge with blue ribbon

Creating A Membership/Back Office Page

Creating a members only site is beneficial for business owners who are wanting to sell digital courses, provide online training and communities and to host evergreen content. A well done members only area can help provide additional revenue for your online business as well. Not to mention, it makes your customers feel extra special, and who wouldn’t want that?

Creating a membership site on WordPress is easier than ever. If you already have a WordPress site, you simply need to download a couple of plugins to get set up. Some of the best WordPress membership site builders are:

Once you have chosen your WordPress membership plugin, follow the steps upon download to set up your back office.

Once you are set up, you will have the options of connecting a payment method, creating membership levels and restricting access for various membership plans. MemberPress is our favorite membership back office plugin and seems to be one of the most user friendly options for beginners.

Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Traffic & Increase Sales

The final step for setup is ensuring that your site is running quickly and efficiently for an optimal user experience. Click here to get the 9 Best WordPress Plugins for improving site traffic, keeping user attention longer and ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Prepare for Product Launch

Your product launch should be a big deal. You’ll want to build hype around your product so that you can land sales right off the bat. In the next post, we will cover how to properly promote and price your digital product.

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