Blogging probably started as a way for individuals to create virtual diaries to share with the world. However, they have become something else entirely. Targeted blogs that provide valuable content have the opportunity to reach millions of people.

That is why on-site blogs for businesses have become such a hot commodity. Blogs are a means of improving online presence through SEO. Additionally, they provide a platform on which to gain followers, encourage patronage, and increase sales.

As a business owner, your primary goals are likely to provide added value to current customers. You aim to drive new traffic to generate leads and encourage membership, patronage, and sales.

The latter requires you to figure out ways to route targeted traffic to your blog. There are dozens of tactics that will help you accomplish this goal.

One strategy to pursue is promoting each and every blog post. What’s the best way to go about it? Here are a few promotional tactics to drive more traffic to your site.

1. Start with the Right Content

Certain content is going to be easier to promote. For starters, you won’t get far trying to increase traffic without new content. The more content you produce, the more opportunity you have to promote and boost traffic as a result.

Of course, pushing mountains of questionable content won’t do you much good in the long run. If you’re going to successfully promote content, you’ve got to have something to work with. That means producing content that is relevant, timely, and engaging.

You have to provide content that readers find valuable. If you don’t, you might boost traffic for a while, but you won’t get repeat visits. The quality of content is just as important as quantity.

In addition, you should consider the length of your content. People used to think that the short attention span of readers called for shorter content. This has not proven true.

When readers find content of value, they seem to prefer longer, more in-depth articles. Search engines also rank longer content higher in many cases.

Do yourself a favor. Take the time to consider how your posts themselves will do a portion of the promotional legwork from the get-go.



2. Make it Shareable

High-quality content invites sharing. Though, you needn’t allow it to rest on merit. You can find ways to make it easy to share.

Prominent buttons for sharing on social media are a given. Additionally, posting links for new blog posts to your social media accounts is presupposed.

Plus, you need to focus on headlines. A strong headline entices readers. It also increases the shareability of your content.

Topics that include numbered lists, tutorials, and guides, for example, are more than just click-bait. Headlines that feature these buzzwords help to quantify your content and make it more attractive and shareable.

The formats you use could also increase sharing and traffic. Consider providing in-depth information. Don’t do it in blocks of text. Instead, do it through infographics or videos.

Use the ones that feature bite-size pieces of data that can be quickly digested. Plus, engage in graphic content and audio that help to increase engagement and appeal. This is the content modern users want to see and share.

3. Optimize

Optimizing content can only help you when it comes to promotion, especially if you do it in the right ways. For example, keywords are an important part of any SEO strategy.

However, you have to do an appropriate keyword research. That is how to find relevant, high-quality keywords that have less competition.

In this case, long-tail keywords can be a real boon. They allow you to laser focus on specific and detailed search criteria. This includes local search traffic and significantly reducing competition.

There’s a fine line between choosing keywords that enough people are searching but few competitors are using. However, when you find them, you can boost your traffic for blog posts.

4. Guest Posts

There are two ways guest posts could work in your favor. If you post on other blogs, you can include a bio and link back to your own site. This is a great way to take advantage of an already-curated audience. Additionally, it will drive traffic to your blog.

Conversely, you could also encourage guest posts on your own blog. It’s a good idea to host other bloggers. They can do some of the work of promoting the content for you, at least to their own audience and followers.

You might also feature experts and industry notables by asking for interviews, quotes, and so on. That will entice their followers to read your blog posts.

5. Grow Your Email List

Social media is sexier than email these days. Don’t let that stop you from utilizing every tool in your arsenal when it comes to promoting blog posts. Subscribers signed up for a reason.

They’re interested in what you have to offer. Give them what they want. Do that with email notifications of new content. In doing so, you’re sure to see spikes in traffic as a result.

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6. Re-Publish

Syndication happens on radio and television, so why not on the web? It will take you some time to build relationships with a network of other sites.

Select sites that are willing to re-publish content. By syndicating you have the opportunity to reach a much larger audience. You’ll drive traffic back to your site with every blog post.

7. Optimize for Mobile

If you have yet to make your website responsive for mobile, you are decidedly behind the curve. Mobile traffic is seeing huge growth.

More people are browsing, shopping, and socializing via mobile devices. They are pretty much conducting all of their online activities via smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices these days.

What these users are sure to notice is the need to resize, scroll, and adjust their screens constantly to consume your content. If you’ve ever had to read a blog post this way, you understand the frustration it evokes.

Optimizing for mobile won’t necessarily help you to promote your blog posts. Yet, it is an important part of removing any detriments for readers.

Make a positive impression on any traffic with your blog posts. Do this by bringing in and encouraging future visits. This is one step you cannot forego.

You can do this!


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