Would you like to earn $100,000 per year? A question like that will certainly grab attention. That is because yes, of course. Everyone wants to earn a six-figure income online while working from home as their own boss. This is exactly what 100K Factory purports to offer.

What is 100K Factory? Is it a legitimate opportunity to earn big bucks online? Conversely, is it just another scam set to take your hard-earned money?

Will it leave you with little to show for it, but a bruised ego and an empty bank account? Further, if it is legitimate, how does it stack up to similar offerings on the market?

Don’t throw your hat into the ring with this get-rich-quick offer just yet. There are a few things you should know. Here’s a rundown on 100K Factory and what you’ll get for your money.

What is 100K Factory?

100K Factory is an affiliate marketing program. It provides online training and resources. It was created by e-commerce professionals Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

It is retailed (although apparently not endorsed) by ClickBank. The advertised cost to participate is a whopping $2,497. With that, you will receive 8 weeks of live training and access to a coaching center.

Plus, they have tools designed to assist you with online optimization for your business. Additionally, they assist with customer acquisition.

100K Factory makes a lot of bold claims. This may be the source of their popularity. Their latest offering is a revamped version of 100K Factory Revolution. It claims that users will earn $100,000 a year (or roughly $274 per day).

They state that users will achieve their goal within 60 days. This sounds like the quintessential get-rich-quick scheme, but is it? Does it have some merit? Let’s look at what you get for your money.

What Does the Program Entail?

During the eight weeks of live training offered through 100K Factory, users will learn the following:

  • How to hand-pick appropriate products to sell
  • How to create “test beds”, or test websites before installing a store
  • How to identify target demographics
  • How to utilize Vulcan, the “secret weapon” that calculates optimal spending versus product sales
  • How to optimize conversions
  • How to launch optimized sales pages, or “super funnels”

Users will also have access to the 100K Command Center. It’s ostensibly for tracking and optimizing online operations. They will also have access to the 100K Converter. It is comprised of a suite of tools for customer acquisition.

Finally, there is a coaching center. There, users can find assistance and tech support services. It’s also possible to contact the owners. Additionally, users will gain access to affiliates. Thus, they can pick products and launch affiliate marketing businesses quickly.

One nice thing about this program is that there are no upfront purchases of affiliate goods. They are drop-shipped from China directly to buyers following sales.

This alleviates some financial burden on affiliate salespersons. This is unlike some other programs. However, there are other costs to program participants that you should know about.

Cost of Doing Business

If you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound with 100K Factory. You need to understand that the upfront cost is only the beginning. 100K Factory stresses that you can earn a lot. However, they don’t necessarily tell you what you’ll spend along the way.

Of course, this isn’t terribly unusual when starting any business venture. You’ve heard the old adage “you have to spend money to make money”.

Let’s say you’ve signed up for 100K Factory. Prepare to spend more than the entrance fee. It’s necessary to get your affiliate marketing enterprise off the ground.

The training and tools provided will certainly help users to hone their strategy. Yet, the program does not cover the costs of advertising. These can be steep, especially as you learn how to market effectively. Program participants will learn how to drive traffic.

Additionally, they will be taught about conversions via PPC ads. These are through Google and Facebook, for example. However, you’ll have to pay for these costs out of pocket.

Again, this isn’t really that different from any other business venture. Though, it could certainly eat into profits. Additionally, there’s bound to be a learning curve before you really start earning.

Remember, 100K Factory promises you’ll bring in $100,000. However, it doesn’t say what the profit margin is.

Is it Legit?

The answer is a very tentative maybe. Is it possible to hit the jackpot, choose the winning product right out of the gate? Can you hit on some kind of trending marketing zeitgeist that propels you to instant fortune? Well, sure, it is possible. You could also win the lottery.

100K Factory does provide the training it promises. Resources are limited. Yet, what the company says they will be. The problem is getting from point A to point B.

In other words, you’ll need to leap from starting your affiliate marketing business to making a six-figure salary. This is unlikely to be the case for most users, especially within the 60-day timeframe touted by the company.

The bigger issue is whether or not you can find something better for less money. There is a good one. A competitor, Wealthy Affiliate, delivers on both scores.

First of all, you’re only going to pay $49 per month for the Wealthy Affiliate program. That’s a far sight less than the $2,500 price tag to sign up for $100K Factory.

In an apples-to-apples comparison, you’ll also gain access to a lot more resources and support with Wealthy Affiliate. 100K Factory offers live training and tools like the Command Center and Converter.

Conversely, Wealthy Affiliate provides similar services and tools. Also, they provide private coaching, free websites, web hosting, and a comprehensive keyword research tool. Wealthy Affiliates has a free trial, as opposed to 100K Factory’s enticement of a free case study.

All in all, the jury is still out on 100K Factory. The program doesn’t outright lie. Yet, neither does it tell the whole story. Plus, earning promises strain credulity. Then there is the price tag. It’s ridiculous considering other products that offer more for a lot less.

Our verdict is that 100K Factory leans more toward scam than legitimate business opportunity. For the money, you can get a lot more value elsewhere.

If you have any comments about this topic or suggestions about future topics leave them in the comment box below.

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