In today’s technologically advanced world, we are more connected than ever. We can do things in an instant that would take hours or even days to accomplish 30 years ago. We can communicate with people halfway across the globe instantaneously. Thanks to our ever growing digital world, there has never been an easier time in history to make money online than NOW.

I’m sure you’ve seen the people making millions on TV or through Social Media. The ones who are living luxurious lifestyles on some exotic Island. They make it seem effortless to get there. The truth is that it probably was not at all effortless. In fact, it probably took them loads of time, energy, and dedication to get there. But it doesn’t have to be all work, no play.

We live in the digital age, where everything that we would need to get a successful online business started, is right at our fingertips (Literally). Our computers allow us to access an entirely new way of making money.

There are more than 3.25 billion people that are connected to the online community. 3.25 BILLION! That’s nearly half of our planet. The best part is, the more technology improves, the more people will join the community, and the more opportunities you will have to make money online.

I’m getting excited! Let me get to the point.

You have thought about it, fantasized about it, and maybe you’ve even tried getting started already and it didn’t work out. I’m here to tell you:

  1. Don’t Give Up
  2. This CAN be you
  3. The Time is NOW!


To put your mind at ease, I’d like to cover a couple of common misconceptions about making money online right off the bat.

  1. No need to be tech savvy
  2. You do NOT need an online marketing/IT/business degree
  3. A large investment is not necessary to get started
  4. The market is NOT too saturated
  5. It will NOT be easy
  6. But, it WILL be do-able and worth it

When you make the decision to start making money online, you must also know that you will have to make some sacrifices. What’s that saying, “nothing good comes without sacrifice?” I guess in this case, that is true.

Working for yourself will take hard work, determination and tons of time. You have to take responsibility for everything you do now. Know that if you decide you want to be lazy one afternoon, that the consequences could mean working double time later. 

There is little time for procrastination or distractions. I say “little” because, this is something that I still, and probably always will struggle with. Many online entrepreneurs that I know share the same battle. We don’t have a boss or a strict timeline most of the time, so time management is a fundamental discipline that you will have to work very hard to perfect.

Knowing all of this, it is vital that you understand that each and every one of these points is necessary for your growth as an online entrepreneur. You will make mistakes and you will face problems. This is how you grow and learn. The more you mess up, the more you improve and the better you and your business will be for it.

10 Reasons To Start Making Money Online NOW

Okay, we’ve established that you want to make money online. You have spent time thinking about it and weighing your pro’s and con’s. We’ve covered the very few con’s and even misconceptions. But, now it’s time to learn why NOW is the absolute perfect time for you to transition into the online business community. These 10 reasons will show you why there has never been a more perfect opportunity for you to begin than right now.

1. It’s Cheap

Nowadays, there are so many free online resources and tools, that it’s easy to get started for very little cost to you. There are several free website building platforms that you can explore and tons of free apps, tutorials and even courses to get you started. While there are many free options out there, depending upon the quality that you want for your site, you may want to consider a paid option. Most paid platforms are still very cheap, and with better quality, you typically get a better return. Here are some of the basic things I recommend for getting started effectively at little cost to you.

2. Technology Gives You A Wider Reach With Less Restrictions

The internet is everywhere, and thus, can extend a businesses reach from a local storefront audience to a a global reach. Technology makes is so easy for us to scale our businesses farther than ever before. Simply put, every single modern business needs technology nowadays.

The great news is that you don’t even have to be a tech guru to enjoy the benefits of having an online business. There are loads of websites who have gained their reputation around free, affordable and easy to use technology to help you make money online with little or no experience.

It seems as though there is an app for everything too, so you should never have problems finding the right resources. Not sure where to look? Simply check Quora or ask YouTube or search google and see what pops up first. These are some of my best go to resources when I need something answered. 

3. You Can Start Small & Simple

You don’t need a degree in business or IT or anything of the sort to start your own business. In fact, I am close friends with a guy who went from being a plumber to now running 5 successful companies. As a college drop out, he didn’t have the education and knew little about technology. I also am friends with several successful stay at home momma’s with online businesses. Many of them never necessarily expected the business growth they’ve had, but can sustain it all from their home with their babies.

Additionally, you get to eliminate most of the traditional business requirements. No need to buy or lease a storefront or concern yourself with having an excess supply of your products. Your online storefront can cost less than your Starbucks coffee and you don’t need hard products to sell.

If you’re considering drop-shipping, you never have to worry about having the products on you. They will be shipped directly from a warehouse to your customer. Easy, right?

The best part is that many companies have realized that the transition to online business is expanding. Don’t worry, it’s certainly not over-crowded. Far from it actually. But, with this realization, new businesses can start with simple technology, drag-and-drop features and step-by-step tutorials to guide you through building your online business, easily.

4. You Can Work From Anywhere In The World (with WiFi)

Running an online business opens you up to working anywhere in the World, with WiFi, of course. From your mom’s sofa to sitting poolside in St. Lucia, you can truly make money online just about anywhere you’d like. You no longer have to go into an office every day. If fact, you can take your office with you wherever you go on your laptop or even your smartphone.

5. You Make Your Own Schedule

Tired of the mundane Monday through Friday, 9-5 workweek? When you work online, you can set your hours the way you want to. You will still need to put in enough time each week and be available to your audience when they need you. However, outside of traditional business, you have a much more forgiving schedule to work with.

For some, it’s easier to maintain the traditional workweek schedule. For others, it’s a welcome bonus to be able to work around other aspects of life. Reclaim the family time you’ve been missing or sleep in later. Decide to make Wednesday your new Saturday if you choose. You can even choose how much or how little hours you want to put in each week. If you have a vacation coming up, you can mold your calendar around that, instead of the other way around.

Ultimately, it’s your schedule to work with as you see fit.

6. You Are In Control

One of the scariest things in today’s corporate world is the possibility of the unknown. At any point, the company that you have spent 10 years putting your soul into, could wind up downsizing, leaving you without a job. Retirement is slowly disappearing and the loyalty of years of hard work just aren’t appreciated the same way anymore.

When you work for yourself, you are in control. You’re able to set your terms and decide on your own retirement plan. You can decide how big you want to take your company or if you’d rather run a small, humble business.

Even if you’re not quite committed enough to leave your corporate job for good, it’s still a smart idea to start your own online business on the side. This will give you comfort knowing that even if anything happens with your tenure, you still have a safety net to fall back on. A safety net that could very well end up being the best net you ever fell in to.

7. Key to your Happiness

Possibly one of the best reasons to start making money online now is to improve your overall happiness. Happiness leads to better overall health, and as we know, the healthier we are the more we can enjoy life.

It has been statistically proven that self-employed people are wildly more happy than folks who are employed. In fact, a study by MBO Partners states that “81 percent of independent workers report being happier since they became independent and 60 report report being healthier.”

Online Entrepreneurs have the advantage of flexibility, lack of bureaucracy and the ability to do something they truly enjoy doing. While there might not be much predictable income right off the bat, improved overall happiness and health is usually a worthy compromise.

8. Low Risk

There is seemingly no risk in starting your own online business. While there are quite a few studies that say online entrepreneurs usually fail a few times before finally succeeding, inexpensive start-up costs make it easier to keep trying.

Contradictory enough, I found an article by the Small Business Association, that states “only 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first ten years.” That’s pretty good odds, no?

It’s natural to be worried about failing, it can feel like we’ve taken two steps backwards instead of one step forward. But, it’s also necessary to learn and improve. The nice thing about starting a business online is that you can do it alongside the job you already have. There is no need to quit your job immediately and put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Grow your business gradually, and reap the benefits with very little to no risk to you or your pocket.

9. You Have Unlimited Support & Training

It has never been easier to learn a new skill or trade than now. There are loads of talented people in the world who are just itching to teach you what they know. Online courses are a thing of the future, and not all of them are bank-breaking. In fact, creating online courses could be something you, yourself want to try.

In the growing world of online business, people have started to realize that they sometimes have a skill that other people want to learn. Obviously, it makes sense to deliver that information online at a feasible cost to the customer. This means that there are enormous opportunities out there for you to learn whatever skill you’re interested in learning.

Many of these tools can be found for free, or at least very little cost. Here is a list of some of my favorite affordable (some are free) online courses and training sites:

10. Student Loans & Debt Suck

Working for yourself is no doubt going to be difficult. There will be challenges that you are not used to facing when you were working for someone else. The best part of working for yourself, however, is the income potential you have. You are in control of your own paycheck now.

It’s important that you set a budget for yourself. Include ideal income goals and weigh in expenses that you have both now and will have in the future. Be sure that you set your rates at a value that you are worth.

It’s not uncommon to find online business owners who have tripled their monthly income after just a couple months of getting started. If that doesn’t inspire you to start making money online now, I don’t know what will.

Stop Making Excuses, Make Money Online Now

There you have it folks, 10 no-brainer reasons why you’ve got to start an online business now. Time freedom, location independence and low start up costs make starting your own business nearly fail-proof. Technology is everywhere and it’s rapidly improving, making it easier than ever to get started. Risk is low and profit margins are high. It’s quite possible to earn three times the amount of your start up costs within just a few weeks. I’ve seen it multiple times and I, myself am proof that it can happen.

Time is a gift that we can’t get back once it’s gone. Don’t push this off any longer. If you’re business doesn’t work the first time, don’t be afraid to try again. In fact, keep trying, until you succeed. Most successful entrepreneurs go through multiple businesses before they find the perfect fit for them. I was discouraged by this the first couple of times I re-directed my focus (my nicer way of saying it didn’t quite work out), but in the end, I have stumbled upon a business that leaves me happy and fulfilled. You will be too, you simply have to just take the leap.

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